Sunday, September 5, 2010

Salam Ramadhan


It's been a quite long time i've not enter any entry in this blog. ICT Centre initially blocked any popular social pages like Fakebook, Blogspot, even UTube. But maybe after several 'protests' from staffs, they were willing to open back Blogspot and Utube. Peculiarly, they are not banned Friendster or MySpace. Why eh? He2.

I can assume this Ramadhan as the most busiest and complex ever in my whole life. I got a lot of works to do, that's for sure:-) E-Portfolio, M-Learning Project, Outcome Based Learning, Soft Skills Project..huh..even so exhaust to list. And then class to UPM is still go on, contrast from what i really hoped before, no class on ramadhan..hehe..not so realistic right.

Then on 16 Ramadhan, here come the sad news, my beloved father rushed to hospital because of heart failure, diarrhea, diabetes and exercise intolerance (so this is the real simultaneuos attack!). Unconscious in 6 days in ICU, really made our hearts dejected especially when a young doctor need me to sign and consent any medical solution to my father because his condition is fatally bad and can pass away anytime! At that time, i never stop praying and praying. But wife also seems very sad as she always remark her dad in law as a very generous and kind man.

Allah The Most Gracious, my father conscious on seventh day in hospital. Alhamdulillah. And his health progress is very good hence he sent to ordinary ward from ICU. And now he already rest in home and will celebrate raya with us.

All of these things gave me a lot of lessons and realization about importance of health as my father told me after he awake, how lucky if Allah give him a second chance to start all over again, so he will not experience such happening again. I just smile and think...think...think


melayuangkat said...

Salam, hope your dad is getting better by today..

Orang yang kaya sebenarnya adalah mereka yang berIbu dan Bapa..ibu bapa kitalah harta kita yang sebenarnya..

Kasihilah mereka selagi mereka masih ada dan berbaktilah sebolehnya agar tiada penyesalan kemudian..

Ahmad Putra said...

terima kasih en Melayuangkat. Memang benar apa yang dikatakan.

Yang paling penting juga, jagalah kesihatan kita sementara masih sihat ni.