Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How can?

Only two posts in 2012?! How bad..It's not easy in writing blog right? You have to think the ideas, the words, the best deliverance to your loyal readers and accessor. Sometimes you already got the things to write, but right in front of the screen, it is all lost.

It's been nearly four years since i open this stuff, now i realized that is not as simple as you think. I prefer sharing my thoughts in anything, you name it, politics, religion, economics, shopping, food..but i ain't that active. That's a lot of things happen nowadays in our country, but it just me find it so hard to express it.

Why i wrote this post? I don't know. Maybe to show that this blog has come to it's crossroad. Either it's take it or leave it. See you again my friends.

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