Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fraser's Hill : Place where cold is all

U think archery is easy, u re strictly wrong!
Horse riding is one of our most exciting activities this year. But the horse looks sad la
Manda and Mama Ina in front of the famous golf at Fraser's Hill
Manda and adik Rayyan really enjoy themselves at the playground
This is basically a private area, but we were insisted to take picture there coz it is very beautiful
Had our lunch at Puncak Inn, not bad but a little pricey. No wonder because this is hotel right

I have been to Fraser's Hill recently with my wife and kids and our 'adopted' sister, Ina. Before that we tried to familiarize ourselves with the hill by reading a number of blogs and articles. And we knew that Fraser is not the place that you can find entertainment at every corner, but the best place to run out from the busy of city and the stress of work. And they not wrong at all, this is one of the quietest and calmest place we have ever visited.

Fraser's Hill is cool, and you will be happy with that cool. Even at day, the temperature maintain below 15-17 degree Celsius. We stay at Shahzan Inn for one night, hmm, such a good hotel in the place like this. You know what i mean. The hotel generally got the highest number of recommendations and good comments so far from the visitors.

But do not eat at the hotel (except for free breakfast), because quite pricey but questionable in quality. But that's ok. We had our meal outside.

There are only two open eating place, one near the mosque (not so good) and the other at the playground (very nice). I am still cannot forget the delicious Nasi Goreng USA at Arzed Restaurant. Not only nasi, we also had Beef steak and sup tulang too. Quite surprise we can get such a nice food with very reasonable price there and the environment around is wonderful too with strawberry tree, playground, and the most important factor, cold!

Visitors especially English love Fraser's Hill not because they may feel at home, but also lot of trails there where they can walk into the denai and woods to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Entertainment? Significantly less than Cameron or Genting, but i think it's good, so the natural beauty is always reserved.

The kids was really enjoy so us, why? because at the time that relatively hot in our country, cold is everything that make us feel gooood.

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