Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Doctor, you suppose to know this!

Doctor! Are you very sure, i mean very very sure that my 11 months baby can eat everything she wants, everything she likes. My heart says it, but i never blew it up to the "no good" doctor.

That's the problems i always experience several times with a doctor. When i ask something that we desperately want to know, they replied us with very lazy, unethical, no good answer. I am still remember when my wife knew that's she is positive pregnant for very time. Then we went to our panel clinic to get some advice from doctor about what need to do next, what my wife suppose to eat or avoid. Then you know what the doctor said, "so celebrate lah, enjoy yourself". I just thought "what in the blue hell??". This is not we want to hear, we can hear it from anybody. But you are a doctor, you are the person that suppose to empower this.

So my point is, doctor "got me" a lot of time. In earlier situation i noted, my wife asked what is the most suitable food for a 11 months baby to make her more thick and chubby, because at this time, they are so active and energetic. So i am quite disappointed to hear the doctor said "whatever she wants". That's definitely incorrect because i ve already read from Pa n Ma magazine that certain food like spicy one, even grapes and so on are substantially not good for a baby. That prove that a lot of our doctor (especially Malay and Men one) are lack of knowledge about this very basic medicine thing.

I hope every doctor try to give their very best because this is about other people's health. Please, if you lack of this knowledge, back to your college and learn some more.

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