Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When we decrease, that's not means you increasee

The concept of 'One Malaysia' have been introduced by our newly appointed PM. Yesterday i watched 2 programs which discussed about this thing. Former DAP member (now social activist) said that we have to accept reality that our country are multiracial country and solidarity we enjoyed for the past 50 years are based on the concept of integration, not assimilation. That's why we have quite a number of Ultra-Racist party, to keep their rights and fight for their race.

'One Malaysia' means everyone in Malaysia regardless race, religion or skin color have to accept each other as a people of Malaysia. We cannot forever see Chinese as Chinese, or Indian as Indian anymore in term of their contribution to Malaysia or reward their obtain from Malaysia. We have to decrease our spirit of racism and try to be more tolerant with them to raise the spirit of 'One Malaysia'.

However that's not mean when we decrease, you increase. If that happens, the concept will be ruin. Chinese or other non-Malays will think they are stronger and Malays are become weaker and weaker.

The bottom line is, everyone have to low down the volume and try to respect each other as well. If that possible, i think 'One Malaysia' will be a successful story.

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